Thursday, February 17, 2011


Mum and I are off to a spa for an overnight stay!  No craft for me til Saturday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Card

Right! It's been a wee while, but I decided to make an Alice in Wonderland themed card and take some pictures of the whole making process to let my friends see it! I only started taking the photos after I had coloured the image, but here goes nonetheless:

Alice and the Hatter coloured, adding the stitching:

A lovely wee shot of some of my markers!



Alice and the Hatter stuck down:

The teacups layered on:

Sticky pads to layer it up!


The part where there is huge potential to muck it up: writing on the card! Aaargh! Steady hand, steady hand.

Working out where the middle should go...

And promptly getting it a little off centre (oops):

Inserting the insert!

Advertising all the way!

Final touches (an envelope, a nice cellophane and a business card):

And drum roll please...the finished card!

There are a few wee things I love about this card: I'm never too brave about writing directly onto the card in case I make a spelling error or a silly mistake, but when I do it always ends up looking lovely, so I should bite the bullet more often. Also, I changed two things about my colouring. First off, I used a lot more pen on each image and it paid off in terms of shading. I would try this technique again. However, I also changed paper supplier and used cartridge paper for my printing, and I'm disappointed that it ran so much. If I'm going to use this colouring technique, I might need to invest in some proper Letraset paper for the Promarkers.

I have entered this wee card into three challenges:

The I <3 Promarkers Challenge Blog (Birthday)
The TotallyPaperCrafts Clean & Simple Challenge
And finally,
Charisma Cardz Mythical & Fantasy Challenge!