Saturday, January 4, 2014

My most amazing home decor project ever...

I've never been much of a home decorator. I always fancied having my own place and doing it up exactly how I wanted, but life gets in the way. To start with, I only actually got my own house about a month before I got married, and it was in walk-in condition. We had no real reason to decorate, tear out carpets and fittings, and put ourselves through that hassle. And there was no need. We were too busy saving up to buy bits of furniture that we needed let alone making the place look the way we wanted.

And then our little bundle of joy was conceived.

And for some completely MENTAL reason we decided to decorate just about the entire house.

Yeah, I know.

But there was reason behind the madness. We had a two bedroomed house, one being ours, and the other being lovingly named the LibraMusiCraft Room. It was party central - sofa bed, coffee table, huuuuge craft desk, bookcases, window seat, the works. It was always a riot, mind you, but a brilliant room. It had to become a nursery, but it would be FAR too big for a baby, by miles.

Plus, we would have a ton of furniture to move out of it and find new homes for. We worked out that we could get the desk and sofa bed stored, but we could put bookcases and coffee tables into the living room. Which meant reshuffling the living room...and decorating. And we could put some of the furniture into our bedroom...which meant reshuffling that too...and decorating.

Oh dear.

And so began our lovely redecoration (in about three months) of the three major rooms of our home.

My pride and joy is what we did with the LibraMusiCraft Room. We built a large walk in cupboard for storage but when I saw how handy it was it was adopted as "The Nook", or my craft room, where I create all of my things now. The little guy's nursery isn't even babyish - it's very much a room that will grow with him. Finished off after he was born, and we knew what we had, it's the ultimate in stars and guitars and zig zags.

So if you'll indulge me, I'm going to post a wee craft room tour and then a wee series of handcrafted items in the little man's nursery. Hope that's ok!

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