Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine theme!

This fortnight it's Challenge 100 0ver at Aud Sentiments and we have a valentine theme!

I love all things lovely, but my husband is more of a bright colours person, so I decided to mash the two.

Our fab sponsor is QKR Stampede and I used this fabulous raggedy style doll holding a heart. She is so cute!

The little one took a cold earlier and I couldn't put him down to craft, so I did this card pretty much one-handed and entirely in Serif CraftArtist Professional 2. So it's an entirely digital project for me this fortnight - I like this kind of thing because if the wee one needs held or cuddled or decides to cry or get hungry, I can just close over the laptop, and design a little more later, then print the finished project. I just try to use lots of shadows and faux layering to make it look as dimensional as a real card would.

Here's the list of ingredients:

Serif CAP2
Digikit: Floral Lane
Colouring done using freeform brush tool and various layer effects for shoes, buttons etc.
Sentiment: my own using two fonts, Stamping Nico and Primer Apples

Come on over and join us at Aud Sentiments!


  1. MC - I am reading your post and trying to interpret terms new to me... are you saying you did this fab card strictly digitally? I am so impressed if that is true. Actually I am impressed either way! I would love to know more about how you achieved this look with the image - it looks like paper piecing in parts?? I do love the background paper and the script on the flowers!

    1. Hi Ginny! Yeah it's all digitally - I did everything in Serif and then just printed the finished card to photograph. That's just one sheet of super smooth card up there!

      For the digistamp I used brush tools to colour it in, and then used some special effects to make parts of it look slightly 3d and add shadows (like her shoes, and her bloomers, and the tiny button on her heart), and the parts that look paper pieced sort of are, but digitally...I used some digital backing papers from Serif and "cut" them with the eraser to fit into the stamp sections!

      The digital kits in Serif come with lots of ready made embellishments, including the flowers which have newsprint behind them (I love them) and the little journalling tag which I put my sentiment on.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I feel as though I didn't say much on that blog post as the wee man had kept me on my toes all day!

  2. Such a cute card. Love the spring colors. I am ready for Spring here. We have over 12 inches of snow on ground and more expected.
    Julie t

    1. 12 inches of snow?! Jings! When we get about an inch of snow everything grinds to a halt, especially the trains. You'd think that living in Scotland we'd get used to it by now, but no...I love bright colours, but I also quite like muted ones too, especially browns and khakis. Kraft card is my downfall!